The syndeamorous flag.

Alternate syndeamorous flag.

Syndeamory is a form of gamyflux and/or ambiamory where someone’s place on the monogamy-polyamory spectrum defaults to the orientations and preferences of their partner(s).[1]


The syndeamory flag is based off of the polyamorous and monogamous flags.

The black and white stripes at the top and bottom of the flag represent two members of a monogamous relationship. The blue and red stripes represent the openness and honesty among partners in a polyamorous relationship, and red represents love and passion. The gray stripe represents the many possibilities that lie between monogamy and polyamory.

a more saturated, colour adjusted version of the alternative flag

The Greek letter, σ, or sigma is the first letter in the Greek word, σύνδεση, or sýndesi, for which syndeamory was named. It’s golden color represents the value placed in relationships, and the gold stripes found around the flag represent how relationships are intertwined in every aspect of this identity.[1]

An alternate syndeamorous flag was created by FANDOM user Contie, 23rd July 2021. Its colors were inspired by the original syndeamorous flag, and it uses the same symbol. Its colors have similar meanings: yellow represents joy and happiness; blue represents openness and honesty among partners; red represents love, passion and respect; gray represents the many possibilities that lie between monogamy and polyamory, as well as the possibility for ones place on the monogamy-polyamory spectrum to change; white represents the partners in a relationship, and the equality, peace and completion that can be found within all structures of relationships.


Syndeamory comes from the greek σύνδεση or sýndesi, meaning connection, because syndeamorous individuals's orientations are inherently connected to those of their partners.