The suptiliaromantic flag.

Suptiliaromantic, also known as suptili-aro, or suptilic aromantic, is a term referring to someone who is purely aromantic, not grey aro  or elsewhere on the aromantic spectrum. A suptiliaromantic person has never, and will never feel romantic attraction. It is similar to omniaromantic.

The suptili- suffix comes from the Brazilian assexual estrito(a/e) which means "strict asexual". In Brazil the word asexual is an umbrella term for the entire spectrum. Someone fully asexual would be assexual estrito(a/e). In English these people would usually just be called "asexual" however, the term suptiliasexual and suptiliaromantic is useful for when differentiating between suptiliasexuals/suptiliaromantic and ace-spec/aro-spec people.

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