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The super straight "flag."

An alternate super straight "flag."

Super Straight (SS) is the "sexual orientation" for those who are heterosexual, but claim to only be attracted to or only date those who identify with their assigned gender at birth (cisgender). This "orientation" is most commonly used by cisgender people. It is claimed that they see transgender people as the gender they are but consider sex characteristics rather than gender in their attraction. However, it is commonly known that many who use super straight do so because they consider transgender people to be their assigned gender at birth- considering transgender men to be woman and transgender woman to be men.

Other groups have adopted this terminology by creating terms such as "supersexual," "super gay", "super lesbian", and "super bisexual". Supersexual is considered the umbrella term for all other "super-orientations". However it is commonly known that these groups may hold transphobic ideologies or misconceptions.


The origin of the term is unknown. The first known instance of the use of the term under the most well-known definition was by TikTok user Kyleroyce on Feburary 21, 2021, who claims to have created it.[1] He has also claimed to have created the flag. However, the term may have been created on 4chan, or least was quickly adopted by 4chan to deliberately attempt to spread Nazi imagery (SS) as a way of alt-right recruitment as well as drive a wedge between trans people and the rest of the community.[2] The term was quickly adopted by TERFs and other transphobes to spread dehumanizing statements and exclusionary/transphobic ideologies.

The term "super straight" can be traced back to 2017, in a stand-up comedy routine by a transgender woman named Robin Tran, who jokingly described men who were willing to date transgender women as "super straight" because they were so attracted to women they didn't care what kind of women they were.[3] It's unclear if this is a coincidence or not.


The major controversy surrounding this "sexuality" is that it was specifically was created and is commonly used to exclude and dehumanize transgender people, and those who use the label often perpetuate false, transphobic notions. These claims include that trans people are simply their AGAB, are mentally ill, are seeking to fool other people, and only seek to "trick" straight cisgender people into having intercourse with. Related to this is rape claims regarding transgender people who are stealth. The claim comes from the idea that if a transgender person does not open up about their transgender background before intercourse with a partner it is considered non-consensual and it is akin to rape. It is claimed that super straight is made to avoid this issue. However, these claims are generalizing and ignorant and are often used to justify the killing of transgender people and to perpetuate other acts of transphobia. The term is often used as an excuse transphobia, if confronted about the transphobic beliefs they are perpetuated a super straight person may claim the other person is being a "superphobic bigot", rather than having to confront their views of transgender people.

Those who are super sexual may say they have a right to not date transgender people and super straight is made to point this out. Although, many argue back it is not pointing anything out. A preference for cisgender people or people with typically "cisgender" traits is in no way unique or non-normative. By making this an "identity" makes it seem like cisgendered people want to be oppressed for following the societal norm, and allows a gateway to excuse and allow transphobia. Others say that super straight is a response to those who have been told its transphobic to not date transgender individuals. However, many in the trans community do not believe it is transphobic, and that's fine to not want to date trans individuals. However, the act of behaving as though a trans man isn't a man or a trans woman isn't a woman, and thus one cannot date them is transphobic as it is dismissing one's gender. Additionally, it is impossible to tell who is transgender be sight, and it is transphobic to assume that one will always be able to identify trans individuals and therefore could never be attracted to a trans person. The label is considered to be unneeded, as it is often used to refer to a genital preference.

The name "super straight" also implies that a heterosexual person attracted to transgender is "somewhat gay", and that "true straight" people cannot include transgender people in their attraction. The name can also make it sound like it's better to not date or include transgender people in attraction.

Other supersexual terms include supergay, superlesbian, and superbisexual. These are often used by TERFs as well as other exclusionists who attempt push out transgender individuals from the queer community, they may also use phrases such as "LGB" and "LGBSS". Although some who identity as supersexual are not transphobic outwardly, and may not realize the harm it may cause, they still are unintentionally isolating transgender individuals amongst the community, and further separating and causing stigma amongst ones gender identity. Regardless of whether someone personally supports transgender people or not, by identifying as super straight they are showing that they do not care if they are associated with openly transphobic people.



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