The strayt flag.

Another enbyhet flag by Reddit user u/_potaTARDIS_[1]

Strayt, or gain't, is an orientation that is like being straight but in a uniquely non-binary way. It describes attraction experienced by a non-binary individual that one considers to be straight or otherwise non-gay, but is not necessarily towards the "opposite" gender (due to the nature of non-binary genders).

This can mean several things based on the nature of one's gender and how one views their attraction. A non-binary individual may consider only some of their attractions to be not-gay, or they may consider all of them to be so. They may identify as NBLM, NBLW, NBLNB or any other orientation in addition to being strayt.

Strayt does not have to mean "x-aligned" attracted to "y-aligned". For example, a demigirl who is attracted to women can identify as strayt if they feel that attraction is non-gay. A strayt person can have any gender alignment, and may be attracted to any genders or gender alignments, so long as one considers that attraction to be non-gay.

The counterpart to strayt is gai.


The term was coined by mercuryretrograde on Tumblr.[2] The user later said that they want people to stop using the term because it was coined to be the opposite of gai, but falls under the term.[3]

The flag was designed by nblw-nonsense on Tumblr. The flag was designed to represent two "opposite" genders using the same format as the gai flag.[4]