The stargender flag.

Alternate stargender flag by an unknown person

Stargender is a term that has at least three possible definitions.

  1. A xenogender in which one's gender is or is like a star. Subgenders for this definition can also exist, for example, one's gender might be specifically a blue star, therefore being an O-stargender or B-stargender. Other terms might include A-stargender, F-stargender or G-stargender for other types of stars. In addition, a stargender person might identify as a binary or multiple star system.
  2. An other-worldly, non-human gender which is beyond comprehension in earthly terms, as if it originated from beyond the Earth. According to the coiner of the term it was similar to aliagender, and is related to it, however stargender specifically related to outer space and/or other worldliness. This can also be called aitherogender.
  3. A gender that cannot be defined no matter how many other terms are coined.


Only the coining of the second definition is well documented. It was coined by Tumblr user Nbqt on January 27, 2014[1] and the term was elaborated on in another post on March 27, 2014[2].



Stargender (3) by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt