The sourcesexual flag. May be reclaimed if one wishes to use it.

An alternate sourcesexual flag. May be reclaimed if one wishes to use it.

Sourcesexual is a sexuality exclusive to introjects in plural/median systems, whose sexual orientation does not align with their sources, yet they still feel a connection to their source's sexual orientation. Someone who is sourcesexual may feel as if they are/are supposed to have that orientation, despite not identifying/knowing they don't fully identify as such.

For example, an introject whose source is normally heterosexual, but is bisexual themselves, may still feel connected to being heterosexual, as if they were supposed to be it.

This term can also be used as a prefix for other attraction types such as sourceromantic, sourceplatonic, sourcealterous, etc.


Sourcesexual was coined by FANDOM user TheNelsonSystem (previously known as Preshouse2006) on April 10th, 2021, and was designed to be a sexuality counterpart to gendersource.[1]

The coiner, TheNelsonSystem, initially made this term exclusive to traumagenic systems due to not knowing enough about other kinds of systems and fearing it may not accurately describe those system types, so while it was not initially intended to be exclusionist, it still was initially an exclusionist label against endogenic systems and was coined to only include traumagenic systems,[2][3] but has since been reclaimed to include all systems, not just traumagenic ones. The coiner is not an exclusionist themselves and has since learned more about all kinds of systems and has learned from their mistake.[4]


The sourcesexual flag was designed by user The Icarus System on April 10th, 2021. This flag was designed to be similar to the gendersource flag.[1]

An alternate sourcesexual flag was designed by FANDOM user Unfunny person420 on April 10, 2021.[5] The flag's color meanings are currently unknown, but it seems it's an edited of the primary flag but with equal sized stripes.

These flags may be controversial due to their exclusionary origins, however they may be reclaimed.