The solarian flag

Alternate solarian flag

Another alternate solarian flag by tumblr user yourfavgoestoactualpride

Solarian is a non-binary gender / gender alignment from the galactian alignment system. In many cultures around the world, the sun is personified as a man, or is associated with masculine energy, so solarian is used to refer to non-binary people who are man-aligned and/or masculine-aligned. A solarian is someone who has similarities in identity or experience with men. Possible examples of solarian experiences include:

  • Someone who is partially a man.
  • Someone who has some connection to manhood, without being a man.
  • Someone who has a gender similar to, but not the same as a man.
  • Someone who is mingender/connected to masculinity while not being a man or having a connection to manhood.
  • A non-binary person who presents masculinely (regardless of their actual gender).
  • Someone connected to manhood through their experience with society. They may be treated as and/or have experiences similar to that of a man.

The term is meant to be a less easily abused form of "male aligned". Since there is no consistent definition of gender alignment, there is no consistent definition of solarian. Some non-binary people may fit some of these experiences but do not identify as solarian.

The feminine equivalent is lunarian. The neutral/unaligned equivalent is stellarian.


The solarian flag was posted on Tumblr on December 1, 2016[1].

The orange stripes of the flag represent the varying levels in which people can experience being solarian. The yellow stripe represent the non-binary nature of this gender. Black represents those with no gender. Grey represents the varying levels in which people can experience gender.

The second alternate solarian flag was designed by now deactivated tumblr user yourfavgoestoactualpride sometime before December 21, 2016.


Solarian (2) by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt

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