The soffgender flag.

The soffgender flag without the emblem.

Soffgender is a xenogender that feels cloudy, blurry, static-like, and fluffy or soft. It is usually hard to grasp and sometimes feels like an ambience, like ectogender. It may feel misty or foggy, but unlike foggender or mistgender, the feeling of mistiness does not have to be related to trauma, neurodivergence, or mental illness.

Soffgender can be fluid, flux, or static.

History and Flag

The term and flag were created by FANDOM user Milky jirin aeris on February 24, 2021. The stripes of the flag, from top to bottom, symbolize mistiness, blurriness, difficulty grasping, warmth, and static noises. The white symbol in the center with the softened outline symbolizes fluffiness.

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