The sex-repulsed flag.

Sex-repulsed (also known as sex-averse) is a term that is used most commonly by asexual and other ace-spec individuals to indicate that they find sexual activity undesirable (perhaps repulsive/disgusting/ revolting), uninteresting, or otherwise uncomfortable or unwanted. Sex-repulsion can take many different forms: some are averse to the idea of engaging in sex themselves, but are fine with sexual activity that does not involve them. Other people may be repulsed by the idea of sex in general. For some people, sex-repulsion is only directed at the act of intercourse; for other people, repulsion may extend to other sexual acts. Some people may experience varying amounts of sex-repulsion or sex-aversion.

It is important to note that being sex-repulsed is not the same as being sex negative. "Sex negativity", also called antisexualism, is a term that is often used by those who are hostile towards sexual behavior or sexuality[1]. It is also often used by SWERFs and/or those against sex workers or the creation of sexual media (such as pornography.)

Sex-aversion isn't essentially related to sexophobia, genophobia, haphephobia, anthrophobia, misanthropy, social phobia, philemaphobia/philematophobia, philophobia or erotophobia.

Not all asexuals are sex-repulsed; many are indifferent or ambivalent about sex, or may be sex-favorable or sex-interested. Likewise, not all sex-repulsed people are asexual. There is a small but present minority of people who are allosexual but are sex-repulsed.

Someone who is sex-repulsed may identity as apothisexual, ARCsexual, or anticarnal.


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