The sensneutral flag.

The sensfeminine flag.

The sensmasculine flag.

Sensgender is a gender modality, which refers to when one relates to the trans experience, but only sometimes, temporarily, or not completely. The term is similar to adgender, but not exactly, because sensgender people slightly related to the trans experience, however adgender people do not necessarily have to related to the trans experience at all. Examples of people who might identify as sensgender include:

  • People who are genderfluid or genderflux, such that they sometimes relate to the trans experience, but not for long periods of time and/or not permanently, as their gender is sometimes the same as their assigned gender as birth.
  • People who are bigender or otherwise multigender and only experience some part of the trans experience.
  • Someone who is genderless and feels that their transitioning has nothing to do with their gender, just with their presentation.
  • Someone who feels their gender and how they want to transition doesn't "match up" with how people perceive them.

Sensgender can be modified with terms like sensmasculine, sensfeminine, sensmascfem or sensandrogynous, sensneutral, sensxeno, and sensother.


Sensgender was coined by Tumblr user Wavership on November 4, 2018.[1]


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