The self-partnered flag.

Self-partnering or self-partnership is the act of being committed to oneself, being a partner or significant other to oneself. A self-partnering person is not looking for a relationship other than the one they have with themself. One is happy and content while with themself.[1]

One who desires to date themself and other people as well may also identify as autoamorous.

This term can overlap with one being autosexual, autoromantic, and/or autoflux however this is not always the case. They may also identify as soloamorous, however this is not neccesary.


The term was coined and popularized by Emma Watson.[2] It is adopted by some soloamorous people.


The flag was coined on December 5th, 2019 by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on tumblr. There is no confirmed meaning.


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