Not to be confused with Quagender.

The seasonalgender flag.

Alternate seasonalgender flag.

Seasonalgender symbol.

Seasonalgender is a xenogender when one is impacted by the four seasons. Meaning one is multigender with at least two or more of the season based gender (springgender, summergender, autumngender, wintertidegender) these genders could be experienced fluidly or not. This is not exclusive to each season, and can be felt all year around. The gender is connected to holidays/festivities, foods, nature/environment, colors, smells, etc. of multiple seasons. This connection could be fluid between the aesthetics, or just be all at once. This can be felt along with any binary and non-binary identities (including other xenogenders) and can be used by anyone.


Seasonalgender was coined on October 29th, 2020 by a user going by Angel. It was inspired by its counterparts.

Flags and symbols

The seasonalgender flag was coined on October 29th, 2020 by a user going by Angel. The flags meaning is up to interpretation of the identifier.

The alternate flag uses many colours to represent the different seasonal feelings that go with the gender with the two stripes on the top and bottom representing the seasonalgender motifs. The yellow represents summer, green for spring, orange for autumn, and blue for winter. The center symbol of seasonalgender is constructed with four triangular shapes that represent the three month long duration of the seasons, the four seasons, and how all four all are all distinct yet fit together perfectly to form a year. This gender flag is the mother flag for summergender, springgender, autumngender, and wintertidegender. This style of the two bars on the top and bottom of the flag followed by a center symbol is echoed by other seasonal flags. It was made by user Fruitindividual on January 1st 2021.