The salmacian flag.

A pastel purple, blue, and green flag with an upwards-pointing white triangle in the center.

Alternate Salmacian flag by Ghast505.

The aphrodisian flag by plurgai.

The bisex flag.

The salmacian symbol.

Salmacian, also known as Aphrodisian, Bisex, Biadic, Ambissex, or Ambiadic is an altersex identity for people who wish to have mixed sex characteristics (such as a penis and a vagina), or something in between that could be considered a mixture of multiple sexes. A salmacian person may experience dysphoria or disconnect from their born sex traits, or they may experience euphoria from the idea of having mixed sex characteristics. The sexes can be distinct from each other or they may be similar. The two sexes do not need to be traditional male and female, it may also include xenogenitals, faunagenitals, etc.

It includes terms like bigenitalia- in which one specifically desires a mixed genital set, and bigonadal in which one specifically desires mix gonads. They may or may not desire mixed secondary sex characteristics as well. Bisex may also be used by certain intersex people if they feel that describes their sex identity.

Salmacian does not correspond with certain gender(s). Bigender people are not necessarily salmacian and salmacian people are not necessarily bigender.

One with this identity may or may not also fit the diff-ot or diffcombo labels as well.


Salmacian was originally coined on July 14, 1996 on Androgyny RAQ: Angel’s Dictionary[1], however, the original definition was "male-to-intersex [or] female-to-intersex transsexuals". The definition was altered due to the misuse of the term intersex.[2] The name salmacian was derived from the name of the nymph Salamacis, whose body was merged with that of Hermaphroditus; the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, in the ancient Greek myth which also gave us the word “hermaphrodite”.

Tumblr user plurgai and princetbleach coined an alternate name, Aphrodisian, because of some people's discomfort about using the name taken from Salmacis, since the nymph canonically assaulted Hermaphroditus. It comes from Aphroditus.

Flags and Symbols

The flag was designed on or before June 24, 2017 by an anonymous Tumblr user[2]. In the myth of Salamacis and Hermaphroditus the two were joined together in one body and lived in a fountain/spring from then on. The design of the flag is meant as an abstract picture of the spring. Top half is light blue for the sky, bottom half is greenish brown for the ground, and then a thick blueish-purple stripe in the middle for the spring.

The bisex flag was designed by imoga-pride on December 14, 2018. It has no confirmed meaning.[3]

An alternate flag was created by ghast505 on November 3, 2020.[4] It is based off the original colors as well as the altersex flag.

The aphrodisian flag was designed by plurgai on May 15th, 2020. The white represents a blend of genitals. Red and pink are supposed to correspond with AFAB sex characteristics, and the purple and blue for AMAB ones. The green represents being in between.

The salmacian symbol was proposed by Symbi through ask-pride-color-schemes on February 17, 2017.[5] It is the astronomy symbol for conjunction, when two objects are in the same location. Which represents how salmacians wants to be two physical sexes.