The romance-repulsed flag.

Romance-repulsed (also known as romance-negative, or romance-averse) is a term that is used most commonly by aromantic and other aro-spec individuals to indicate that they find romance or romantic activities to be disgusting, revolting, or otherwise uncomfortable. Romance-repulsion can take many different forms: For some people, they may be repulsed at the idea of being in a romantic relationship or engaging in romantic activities themselves, but are fine with romantic relationships that do not involve them. Other people may be repulsed by the idea of romance in general. For some people, romance-repulsion is only directed at explicitly romantic relationships; for other people, repulsion may extend to romantic acts or acts that may be interpreted as romance. What qualifies as a "romance act" can vary from person to person based upon culture, religion, and personal ideals. Some people may experience varying amounts of romance-repulsion.

Someone who is romance-repulsed may identity as apothiromantic.

Not all aromantics are romance-repulsed; many are indifferent or ambivalent about romance, and some may be romance-positive. Likewise, not all romance-repulsed people are aromantic. There is a small but present minority of people who are alloromantic but are romance-repulsed. These people may identify as acoromantic.

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