The regressor flag.

The alternate regressor flag.

Regression is a term used for when one's mind reverts into a different headspace/state of mind. This typically refers to age (in which one thinks like a younger individual), however it can refer to species as well (in which one thinks like an animal/different species).

While regression is not LGBTQ+ in and of itself, it can play a part in queer experiences, and affect one's gender identity, attraction, or similar. This is because one's perspective on oneself and the world around them may be altered when in a different headspace, due to the fact that the mind is regressed into a previous and/or different state of thinking.


Age-Regression or Agere is a term used to describe when someone's mind regresses to a younger headspace, usually due to trauma or neurodivergence (PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc). This regression is usually a headspace of toddlerhood, however it can also include infancy, older-children/pre-teens, and (rarely) teenagers depending on the age of the individual regressing.

Age-regression can be voluntary or involuntary, depending on the reason behind the regression and the individual regressing. Typically, the reason behind regression is for relief of stress/escapism, however it can have other reasons for occurring as well.


There are multiple different age-based headspaces one may enter when age-regressed. These include the following:

  • Babyspace/infantspace: a headspace of a baby, typically no older than three.
  • Toddlerspace: a headspace of a toddler, typically no older than six/seven.
  • Middlespace: a headspace of an older child or pre-teen, typically no older than thirteen.
  • Teenspace/Teenagespace: a headspace of a teenager, typically no older than seventeen.
  • Littlespace: a headspace of a child (typically within the toddler ages, however older ages are included as well).


  • Big Age: the biological age of the individual.
  • Little Age: the mental age of the individual when regressed.
  • Little/Regressor: someone who age regresses/dreams. The term little is also used for young headmates in systems.
  • Caregiver: a caregiver is someone that takes care of an individual while they are regressed/are in littlespace. It is sometimes shortened to CG. Not all littles/regressors need/want a caregiver.
  • Carer/Safety Figure: alternative terms for caregivers. They are exclusively used in SFW contexts. Safety figure is sometimes shortened to SF.
  • Cglre (caregiver little-regression): when a caregiver is taking care of a little.
  • Sflre (safety figure little-regression): when a safety figure is taking care of a little.
  • Flip: someone who regresses and is also a caregiver/safety figure for someone else, flipping between the two. This is also sometimes called switch, however it is not recommended to call it that, as the term switch is used within kink, BDSM, NSFW, and other sexual aspects.


Age-Dreaming or Agedre is a term to describe someone who has a younger headspace, but does not quite fit the categorization of age-regression. Some examples of this include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Those who behave as a little, while not actually regressing.
  • Those who are always in littlespace, and therefore don't regress.
  • Those who regress for fun.
  • Those who do not fully regress (half-regression, demi-regression, etc).
  • Those who have a headspace or way of regressing that does not fit the typical age-regression that individuals expect.

Those that age-dream may call themselves dreamers.


The Inner-Child is a term used by many to describe one's inward child-self. The inner-child becomes especially spoken of in therapy, in which (in some forms of therapy) a patient is to get in touch with their inner-child (essentially meaning they are guided into age-regression) for therapeutic methods (such as working through past emotions, childhood trauma, childhood insecurity, etc).

Almost everyone has an inner-child, as it's rare to fully lose one's childhood-self, regardless of how different you are from them. A source speaking on therapeutic inner-child interactions is listed here.


Species-Regression, Pet-Regression or Petre is a term used to describe when someone's mind regresses to an animalistic headspace, usually due to trauma or neurodivergence (PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc). This headspace is typically described as 'reverting to one's natural instincts' and it's typically done to relieve stress and to find escapism.

Many littles tend to experience pet-regression as well, as an overlapping experience, or they tend to be fluid between age-regression and pet-regression. Those who pet-regress may or may not also need a caregiver, as they may not be able to take care of themselves when alone in an animalistic state.

This experience may also happen to alterhuman individuals (and may overlap with kinshifting) and/or furries, however it is not exclusive to them. Many who species regress also experience faunagenders, however this is not a requirement.

The headspace for pet-regressors is known as petspace.


Pet-Dreaming or Petdre is a term to describe someone who has an animalistic headspace, but does not quite fit the categorization of pet-regression. Some examples of this include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Those who behave as an animal, while not actually regressing.
  • Those who are always in petspace, and therefore don't regress.
  • Those who regress for fun.
  • Those who do not fully regress (half-regression, demi-regression, etc).
  • Those who have a headspace or way of regressing that does not fit the typical pet-regression that individuals expect.

Those that pet-dream may call themselves dreamers.


Partial-Regression, Semi-Regression, or Demi-Regression is a term used to describe someone who does not entirely regress. The most common experience for this is half-regression, in which one is half in their typical headspace, and half in a regressed headspace.

This is usually applied to age-regression, however it can be applied to species regression as well.


Impure-Regression is a term used to describe when one acts in an unsafe way during their regression. This could be a regressor behaving in a sexual manner, a regressor acting harmful towards themself or others, a regressor seeking out harmful substances, and similar. This is typically due to the fact that a regressor has a past of abuse/trauma/etc, and thus take it out when regressing, as they are in a less-stable mindset.

Impure-regressors almost always need a caretaker, as they are usually unsafe to be by themself when they regress this way.

Impure-regressors usually do not always regress in this way, and they can regress in a safe and healthy manner as well the majority of the time.


A common misconception from outsiders is that agere, agedre, and petre are related to the kink, BDSM, and other sexual communities. This is almost always not the case, as being involved in these communities when regressed could put the regressor in danger, as they almost always are unable to properly consent to sexual activity when regressed.

Terms that should not be associated with regression include the following:

  • CGL (Caregiver/Little)
  • DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl)
  • DDLB (Daddy Dom/Little Boy)
  • MDLG (Mommy Dom/Little Girl)
  • MDLB (Mommy Dom/Little Boy)
  • BBLS (Big Brother/Little Sister)
  • BBLB (Big Brother/Little Brother)
  • BSLB (Big Sister/Little Brother)
  • BSLS (Big Sister/Little Sister)
  • ABDL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover)
  • TBDL (Teenage Baby/Diaper Lover)
  • Ageplay
  • Petplay
  • Owner/Puppy
  • Owner/Kitty
  • Owner/Pet

Those terms are used in a sexual mannerism, and one should not make posts that tag these terms with regression terms, as crosstagging can put minors regressors (and other regressors) in danger. Crosstagging these terms with regression can lead to minors coming into contact with predators, can trigger survivors who regress to cope with sexual trauma, and can spread misconceptions that regression is a kink (which is incorrect).

There are, however, some who are involved with the kink community while also being within the regression community. This is generally acceptable, so long as they do not cross-tag or share in the wrong spaces.

Regression-related Identities

Agere/Agedre Identities

  • Ageregender: a gender that changes (partially or fully) when an individual age-regresses. Littlefluid is the same, but also includes age-sliders in systems.
  • Agregender: a gender that is affected by/influenced by age-regression.
  • Agedregender: a gender that is affected by/connected to age-dreaming, or changes/fluctuates when age-dreaming.
  • Etorgender: a gender that is always or almost always present but becomes much stronger when age-regressed.
  • Genderblankie: a xenogender that feels covered in a warm-fuzzy blanket, full of positive feelings, and connected to age-regression.
  • Inexmoric: when one doesn't experience attraction when age-regressed.
  • Littleagender: when one is agender when age-regressed.
  • Regregender: a gender that is hard to figure out/differentiate due to being an age-regressor.
  • Regressgender: when one has a mutogender that is only felt during age-regression.

Petre/Petdre Identities

  • Petregender: a gender that is influenced by and/or related to one's pet-regression.
  • Petreic: when one's attraction changes and/or disappears when pet-regressed.

General-Regression Identities

  • Curagender: when one's gender is affected by/connected to being a caregiver to a regressor.
  • Regressfluid: someone whose gender changes while regressed.


The first flag for age-regression was coined by Tumblr user dizzy-teacup on August 7, 2017. Yellow represents happiness, blue represents trustworthy caregivers, pink is for kindness regressors give to one another/themselves, and white represents innocence of regression.

The regression flag was coined by Tumblr user yourfaveregresses on February 20, 2019. Pink is for girl regressors, purple is for non-binary regressors, blue is for boy regressors, and white is for the regression headspace. The alternate agere flag and the petre flag were coined by the same user, and have the same color meanings.

The alternate regression flag was coined by Tumblr user smolgothboi on April 11, 2019. Light purple is for kid/teen/tweenspace regressors, pink stands for caregivers/older siblings, white stands for pureness and purity, green stands for pet regressors, and blue stands for babyspace regressors.