The questioning flag.

Questioning is the process of wondering what one’s gender, sexuality, or romantic orientation is. Questioning can happen at any age, and can take anywhere from days to years. Questioning is normal for anyone, whether they turn out to actually be LGBTQ+ or not.

Questioning can refer to both the process of questioning one's gender/sexuality as well as a person who is in the process of questioning.


There are several questioning flags. The creator and meaning for the main question mark flag are unknown.

The magenta and teal flag was created by Tumblr user, protego-et-servio, on June 17, 2016[1]. Magenta represents sexuality. Many flags for sexual/romantic identities use pink or purple to signify sexuality, connecting it to all other allosexual identities. White represents all possibilities, because white is all colors combined. Teal was used because rarely used in sexual/romantic identity pride flags, which differentiates questioning from other sexual identities. Black represents the possibility of aromantic or asexual identities. It can also be symbolic of having shoved one's feelings away into the metaphorical dark for a long time. Additionally, teal is between blue and green and magenta is between purple and pink. Representing how questioning is sort of like being in limbo, trying to figure out where one is.

The pink and blue flag was created by Enbygsrd of DeviantArt on September 16, 2016[2]. This flag is specific to people questioning their gender. There is no known meaning for this flag.

The pastel flag with the white question mark over it represents questioning pride and was created by Swocks, the owner of a large LGBTQ+ Hangout community, on August 18 2020.


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