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A queerplatonic relationship, also called a quasiplatonic relationship, or quirkyplatonic relationship (abbreviated QPR) is a form of relationship that goes beyond what is considered normal for a platonic relationship but does not fit the traditional idea of a romantic relationship. They are typically characterized by having the same or a similar level of emotional closeness and dedication as a romantic relationship. Queerplatonic relationships can look different for everyone, depending on what the people involved are comfortable with. For some a QPR could look like a close friendship, for some it could be closer to a romantic relationship, for others their ideal QPR could be similar to a friends with benefits arrangement. Activities that may be include are hand-holding, cuddling, kissing, or having sex. Some queerplatonic couples will live together or get married.

The term queerplatonic originated in aro-spec communities to describe the type of relationship many aromantics form or desire. However one does not have to identify as a-spec, or as queer to be in a queerplatonic relationship. A queerplatonic relationship can be monogamous or polyamorous, involving more than two people. If someone in a queerplatonic relationship experiences romantic or sexual attraction, or both, they might pursue a traditionally romantic relationship at the same time as a queerplatonic relationship.

People in queerplatonic relationships will refer to each other as their queerplatonic partner (QPP) or 'zucchini' a term that was originally a joke in the a-spec community about lacking a word to properly describe the term, so they could just use any word they want, like zucchini.

Queerplatonic Attraction Edit

Queerplatonic attraction is a form of tertiary attraction felt by some a-spec individuals. It is defined as the desire to be in a queerplatonic relationship with someone.

Queerplatonic can be very similar to platonic attraction and alterous attraction. The differences being that queerplatonic attraction is often much stronger and more intimate than purely platonic attraction, although the two may overlap. Alterous attraction is the desire for intimacy that is neither platonic or romantic, while queerplatonic is an extension of a platonic relationship. A queerplatonic crush is called a plush.

Someone who does not experience queerplatonic may call themself aqueerplatonic. Aqueerplatonic people may still want or have queerplatonic relationship, just not get plushes, like some a-specs do. While other aqueerplatonic people may not desire a queerplatonic relationship. They may also identify as nonamorous or callistic.

History Edit

The first apparent usage of the term queerplatonic was in a thread called Kaz's Scribblings[1]. The term was made out of a desire to describe the aromantics form of relationships.

Shortly after this the concept of queerplatonic relationships was popularized on Tumblr in 2011 by user Realsesmith[2]. The word quickly circulated within a-spec communities. In May 2014 the term quasiplatonic relationships was coined for aromantics who were uncomfortable with the term queer.

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