The pupgender flag.

The pupgender flag without the emblem

An alternate pupgender flag created by viraldoll on tumblr

Viraldoll's pupgender flag without the emblem

The demipup (demipupgender) flag

The demipup flag, without the emblem and with equal-sized stripes

The Ghostpupgender flag

The Fairypupgender flag

pupfemgender flag designed by Crayonpuppy.x

pupmascgender flag designed by Crayonpuppy.x

Pupgender flag by tiktok user @crazyfrtboy

Emo pupgender flag by crayonpuppy.x[1]

Pupgender is a faunagender that falls under the canisgender umbrella, and is closely related to neurogenders, although it can be used by neurotypical individuals. It is defined as "a gender that is small, lively, cute and any other quality associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies." The term was made with system littles and non-kink age-regressors in mind, but can be used by anyone. It may or may not be a kingender.


Demipup, also known as demi-pup, is a gender identity in which one is partially, but not fully, pupgender. One may or may not identify as another gender in addition to being partially pupgender. The other part of one's gender can be any gender or combination of genders, including a lack of gender. Demipup individuals may also identify as non-binary.


Ghostpupgender is a gender for those who feel strongly connected to dogs or puppies, but with ghost qualities. Qualities can include: disconnection from individuals, feeling misunderstood, or having a hard time being understood and feeling unseen.


Pupmascgender is when an individual who is pupgender feels like their gender is also connected to masculinity. Pupmascgender isn’t inherently for masculine non-binary individuals and/or men and can be used by anyone.


Pupfemgender is when an individual who is pupgender feels like their gender is also connected to femininity. Pupfemgender isn’t inherently for feminine non-binary individuals and/or women and can be used by anyone.

Emo pupgender

Emo pupgender is a xenogender mix of pupgender and emocoric. Emo pupgender is a genderneutral term that can be used as a feminine or masculine label.


The term was coined using this definition by Tumblr user xeno-aligned in April of 2019.[2] In March of 2020, pupgender made a resurgence on Twitter, with user Kandipaws creating a flag[3] and carrd[4] to describe it. The definition has since been somewhat simplified and is now described as "a gender identity that closely relates to or feels very strongly like dogs or puppies", although the original definition is widely used and still remains. Pupgender is often considered the dog-like counterpart to catgender, despite it being a subgender and not an umbrella term.


The flag's meanings are as follows: Green represents energy. White represents softness. Yellow represents playfulness. Orange represents creativity. Blue represents tranquility. The red paw print represents autism acceptance.

On viraldoll's pupgender flag[5] the meaning is as follows: orange represents hyper characteristics. Yellow represents liveliness or youngness, as well as puppies. Blue represents smallness. White is representation for usage as a kingender. Light pink represents cuteness, while dark pink represents usage as a system little or non-kink age regressor.

The stripes on the fairypupgender flag are as follows: bright green represents energy, yellow represents playfulness, pink represents feeling magical, blue represents fairycore, dark green represents nature, and white represents happiness.

The stripes on the pupfemgender flag [1] as follows: yellowish green represents energy, white GNC, nonbinary individuals and other trans individuals, light orange represents softness, orange represents kingenders and pink femininity. The red paw print represents autism acceptance.

The stripes on the pupmascgender flag[2] are as follows: green represents energy, white GNC, nonbinaries and other trans individuals, light green represents softness, bright blue represents kingenders and blue masculinity. The red paw print represents autism acceptance.


alternative flag made by pupiboy