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Proculsexual is an ace-spec identity that describes someone who only feels sexual attraction to people who they're sure they can never be in a relationship with, such as fictional characters, celebrities, or people who they know would never reciprocate their feelings. Fictosexual falls under the umbrella of proculsexual. Many asexual people may fantasize about relationships with celebrities or fictional characters, however proculsexual refers to people who feel strong attraction towards these people for an extended period of time, rather than just daydreaming about them, and only feels attraction to people they know they cannot be in a relationship with. The romantic counterpart is proculromantic.

There are also many who are proculsexual and has attraction to only one fictional character or celebrity. Those who experience this may identify as certissexual.


Proculsexual was coined before March 12, 2015 by an anonymous via MOGAI-Archive.


Celesexual or celebsexual is a subset of proculsexuality in which the person is specifically attracted to celebrities and sub-celebrities.


The flag was created on December 2, 2016 by beyond-mogai-pride-flags. The first alternate was coined by an anonymous wiki user at an unknown point. The second alternate was coined by wiki user Ratismyspecies on November 19th of 2020. All three have no confirmed meaning.

The fourth flag was coined by Cryptocrew on January 27th of 2021. Pink represents women and femininity as well as sexuality, orange represents outherine genders/presentation and compassion, yellow represents xenic genders/presentations and yearning, white represents purity and multigenders, black represents genderless/agender people/presentation and passion, neon green represents gender non-conforming people/pronoun non-conforming people and adoration, blue represents men and masculinity and peace, purple represents androgyny/neutrality and the asexual spectrum. The four red diamonds represent novels/books, anime/manga, movies/live action shows, and cartoons/comics. The yellow star represents celebrities, and the grey circle represents the breach between one and the other that theyre attracted to.


Procul is latin for 'far away' or distant.


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