The polyromantic flag.

An alternate polyromantic flag.

An alternate polyromantic flag.

Polyromantic also spelled plyromantic or poliromantic, refers to someone who is romantically attracted to many, but not all, genders. For example, a polyromantic person could be attracted to all genders except men. Or a polyromantic person could be attracted only to non-binary people, genderfluid people, and male-aligned people.

Polyromantic general implies that one is attracted to more than three or more genders, but one can be attracted to any number of genders anywhere between two genders to all genders besides one.

It falls under the multiromantic umbrella. It can be similar to biromantic and other pluralian identities. The difference between these identities usually comes down to individual preference, particularly where people may feel that different terms communicate their personal experience of attraction with more accuracy.

The sexual counterpart is polysexual.

History and Flag

It is currently unknown who coined this term, but it was coined before Jul 4, 2015.[1] The first flag specifically for polyromantic was the polysexual flag with the heart overlay. It is unknown who created it but it existed at least before May 10, 2016.[2]

Another flag was designed by deactivated Tumblr user, pride-flags-for-us, on or before August 30, 2015.[3]

The alternative polyromantic flag was designed by an anonymous wiki user on October 21, 2020. It is designed to be easier on the eyes, while also maintaining most of the same meaning. In addition to the original stripe meanings, the lighter pink and blue stripes also represent a-spec poly individuals. The very light green (nearly white) stripes represents peace, as well as transgender poly individuals. It is intended to represent polyromantic individuals, but it can be used for polysexuality as well.


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