The pluralian flag.

Pluralian, also known as multisexual or mspec (multisexual spectrum), is an umbrella term for people who are attracted to multiple genders. It is similar to the terms achillean, sapphic, and diamoric. Some sexualities included in the pluralian umbrella are bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, as well as any other orientation that involves attraction to more than one gender.

An alternate version of the pluralian flag.

The term can also be used as an adjective to describe the attraction of someone who is attracted to multiple genders. Used similar to “gay,” “straight,” or “diamoric”.

The term was coined by pluralian-positivity mod Kulinda, sometimes credited as dinolover453 on Tumblr on October 06, 2016[1].


The flag was designed to resemble the achillean and sapphic flags. Purple symbolizes neutrality, and attraction to multiple genders (as pink and blue typically symbolize women and men). The white also symbolizes that neutrality, indicating a lack of definitive preference or prioritization amongst one’s attractions. The lily in the middle was chosen because the lily is a true bisexual flower; meaning it has both androecium and gynoecium reproductive structures, allowing it to reproduce with all other flowers of their species. The yellow of the lily’s petals symbolizes the inclusion of non-binary genders in pluralian attraction[2].


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