The placiosexual flag.

Placiosexual is an orientation on the asexual spectrum defined as someone who enjoys performing sexual acts for other people but does not want them reciprocated. Placiosexual people may be sex neutral or sex repulsed when is comes to having sexual acts performed on them.

Placiosexual is not the same thing as simply being dominant, or having a sexual preference. Someone who is placiosexual may being repulsed at the thought of someone preforming sexual acts on them. This may cause them to lose any sexual desire or attraction. This discomfort may be caused by dysphoria or similar discomfort with one's body, but it does not necessarily have to.

The opposite of placiosexual is iamvanosexual.

Placiosexual is known as a micro-label, meaning that by saying that one is placiosexual it is implied that one is also asexual, or another ace-spec identity. In this case asexual is the primary sexual identity and placiosexual acts as a modifier, making a specific sub-category of asexuals.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The prefix placio- comes from the Latin word placere meaning 'to please'.

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