The penultisexual flag

Penultisexual refers to someone who is attracted to all genders except one's own. This can refer to binary genders as well as any non-binary genders. Anyone who is attracted to all gender's but their own can identify as Penultisexual.

This term can be especially useful for Genderfluid people who's gender is fluid, and who's attraction is always to any gender but their own, because it describes their attraction and offers a more explanatory label than a label such as Polysexual or Abrosexual.

The opposite of Penultisexual is Pencontrasexual.

Alternate inclusive penultisexual flag


The original flag source, creation, and meaning is unknown.

The alternate inclusive penultisexual flag was made by Clear.Skyes on FANDOM February 7, 2021. The blue is for one self, pink is for binary genders and feminine and masculine aligned genders, and green is for xenic genders. off-white is for non binary genders, gray is for how genderfluid individuals who might use the label feeling their gender can be a disconnect due them not finding attraction to that when others use it and dark gray for the lack of attraction to ones own identity.

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