The Pentasomy x flag.

Pentasomy X or 49,XXXXX is an intersex variation in which an AFAB/CTF individual is born with five X chromosomes.[1] This is usually due to having older parents than the average parental age, in which their reproductive system is no longer fully working. This may also be caused from another abnormality or another form of failure in the parents reproductive system.

This intersex trait appears to be extremely uncommon, and only forty cases have been submitted since its discovery.

Some traits that typically come along with this variation includes a small head, decreased muscle tone, ear abnormalities, widely spaced eyes, a short neck, a broad nose with a depressed nasal bridge, hyperextension of the elbows, dental abnormalities and a cleft palate, deformities of the feet, heart defects, and an abnormally bent pinkie finger.[2]

It is important to note that not all the symptoms listed in this page are guaranteed to occur in someone with this variation, as someone may only experience one or several of these symptoms, yet still hold the variation.


The syndrome was originally described in 1963 by Kesaree and Wooley.


The flag was coined by an unknown user and submitted onto varsex-pride's Tumblr account on February 12th of 2019. It has no confirmed meaning.