The paraboy flag.

Paraboy, also known as Paramasculine is the masculine subset of paragender. Paramasculine people identify mostly but not entirely as a boy or man. The other part of their gender is 1-49% another gender. The minority gender could be any gender, but the most common is agender. Paraboy is similar to demiboy, but it is more specific as in paraboy the boy part outweighs the other genders.

The feminine equivalent of paraboy is paragirl. The non-binary equivalent is paragender or paranonbinary.

Flag Edit

The terms paragender was coined by Tumblr user queerspike some time around July 10, 2014, but presumably before[1]. The paraboy flag was created by the Tumblr blog Pridearchive on July 24, 2014[2]. Grey represents partial gender. White represents a lack of gender. Blue represents masculinity. Purple is close to blue on the color wheel, representing the “near-ness” of paraboy.

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