The oriented aroace flag.

An oriented aroace is an aromantic asexual (aroace) person who experiences a form of tertiary attraction, that they feel is significant enough to warrant a place alongside their aroace orientation.

Oriented aroace people identity with another orientation label, but in a nonromantic, nonsexual way. For example, oriented aroaces may identify as a bi aroace/bi oriented aroace or gay aroace/gay oriented aroace. This additional label can be based on any form of nonromantic, nonsexual attraction, such as platonic attraction, sensual attraction, aesthetic attraction, alterous attraction, queerplatonic attraction, etc. or a combination of these.

The term oriented aroace is used to refer to those who are strictly aromantic and asexual. Angled aroace was created for those who are not strictly aromantic and/or asexual but are still aro-spec and ace-spec, such as greyasexuals, demisexualsgreyromanticsdemiromantics, and other aro-spec and ace-spec identities.


The flag was designed by Tumblr user Biaroace on July 11, 2018.[1] It features four horizontal stripes, similar in design to the asexual flag. The dark blue stripe at the top represents aroaces, grey for affiliation with the wider aro-spec and ace-spec communities, white for the orientation apart from aro and ace, and teal green for nonromantic, nonsexual attraction.


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