The oriented aroace flag.

An oriented aroace is an aro ace who identifies with another orientation label in a nonromantic, nonsexual way. For example, oriented aro aces may identify as a bi aro ace or gay aro ace. Some oriented aro aces base their additional label on a form of nonromantic, nonsexual attraction, such as platonic attraction, sensual attraction, aesthetic attraction, alterous attraction, or any combination.

The term is controversial due to identity-policing in its origins, and angled has been created as an alternative to be more inclusive of grey-asexuals and greyromantics.[1]

Flag Edit

The flag was proposed by Tumblr user Biaroace on July 11, 2018.[2] It features four horizontal stripes, similar in design to the asexual flag. The dark blue stripe at the top represents aro aces, grey for affiliation with the wider aro and ace communities, white for the orientation apart from aro and ace, and teal green for nonromantic, nonsexual attraction.

Resources Edit

  1. Oriented Gray
  2. Oriented Aro Ace Flag
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