Enb-ab-y's omnistraight flag.

The original omnistraight flag.

Omnistraight is a term for when one is genderfluid and abrosexual at the same time, in such a way that one's gender identity and/or sexuality changes so that one is always defined as straight or not gay, blurring the line of one’s gender and orientation. This can take two forms: In the first form, one's gender changes to be different from the gender of whoever one is currently attracted to or in a relationship with. For example, if one finds themself attracted to a man, their gender will change to a non-masculine gender. Their gender changes in response to who they are attracted to. In the second form one's sexuality changes in response to one's changing gender so they are only attracted to people with a gender different from the one they are currently experiencing. For example if one feels like a man they will not be attracted to men, if the next day one feels like a woman they will not be attracted to women that day.

It is the counterpart to omnigay/omnique.


The original omnistraight flag is a combination of the straight flag and the genderfluid flag. It was created by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on November 29, 2017.[1] The alternate omnistraight flag was designed by Tumblr user Enb-ab-y on March 30, 2020.[2]


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