The omnigender flag.

Omnigender is a gender similar to pangender. It is sometimes used interchangeably with pangender, but sometimes a distinction is made, although there is no consistent definition. The most common definition of omnigender is someone who experiences almost every gender, but not quite. Another common definition is someone who experiences all genders, but treat them all as one gender, or as "building blocks" to one whole gender. Sometimes, each part of this multigender may feel as though they are different in intensity.

Another possible distinctions between pangender is that pangender individual are typically ambivalent towards gender, and do not care about what their gender is or what category their gender is. Omnigender individual typically still care about their gender or what category their gender is. Although this distinction is not commonly used.

When referring to all genders, this only includes genders in one's own culture and life experience. One cannot identify as ethnic genders outside their own culture, as those gender require a connection to and knowledge of that culture, and it's impossible for one to spend their life in all cultures.

Omnigender individuals may be suptilian or amplusian.


Omnigender was coined by victomofrebellion on Tumblr.[1]


The pride flag was created by hyaenahart on Tumblr. The color meanings 'represent the binary and all genders inbetween.'[2]