The nullpronominal flag.

Alternate no pronouns flag by rainbowlack.

Nullpronominal, (also known as nonpronominal, unpronominal, apronominal, pronounless, voidpronoun, impronoun, or pronoun't) is the act of using no third person pronouns of any kind. It is a form of pronoun non-conformity. Instead of using third person pronouns, a nullpronominal person is usually referred to by name, or can be referred to with an epithet, or the sentence can be rephrased to omit pronouns, typically by using the passive voice.


The nullpronoun flag was designed by imoga-pride on December 23, 2018[1].

An alternate flag was designed by Tumblr user rainbowlack on March 13th, 2020.[2] It was designed especially for agender and neurodivergent people who feel distanced the concepts of gender and pronouns. The stripes are dark purple to represent the void where pronouns aren’t and the non-binary flag, lavender represents queerness, baby blue represents the trans flag, muted green represents the agender flag, pale yellow for light, visibility and the non-binary flag, and red-ish grey for the grey area of gender and pronouns while still being adequate.


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