The Novosexual flag.

Alternative Novosexual flag.

Alternative Novosexual flag.

Novosexual refers to someone who's sexuality changes along with their gender identity. It can be described as being genderfluid and abrosexual at the same time. For example, on one day they could be a lesbian woman, however on another day they could be bisexual and agender, and an asexual demiboy another day. The length of time between changes will vary from person to person. For some people it may take years or months, for other people it may change in terms of weeks or days, maybe even moment to moment. The changes could be on a consistent schedule or they could be random.

It is possible for one to be abrosexual and genderfluid while not being novosexual. Novosexuality only occurs when one's sexual orientation changes at the same time as their gender identity. If someone's gender and sexuality change independently from each other that person is not novosexual. For example, if they are the same gender for one week, but their sexuality changes three times within that week then they would not be novosexual.


The colors of the original flag mean the following:

  • White representing neutrality, or a time of neutral attraction.
  • Pink represents attraction to girls, women, feminine people and feminine identities.
  • Blue represents attraction to boys, men, masculine people, and masculine identities.
  • The 6 others outer stripes represent many other orientations.
  • The rainbow heart represents the attraction spectrum.

Both alternative Novosexual flags, created by MoonJellyBuniny (aka. Buniny) was created on August 15, 2020. The colors were chosen based on the abrosexual and genderfluid pride flags as to show the link between both fluctuating identities.

The flag colors correspond to the following interpretation:

  • Blue represents attraction and identification of masculinity.
  • Green represents the link between sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • White represents lack of attraction or gender.
  • Pink represents attraction and identification of femininity.
  • Dark purple represents attraction and identification of mixed genders or other non-binary identities.