The nounself pronoun user flag by uncommongenders.

Nounself Flag by Geekycorn on DeviantArt.

Nounself pronouns are a type of neopronouns that are derived from a preexisting word to be used as a gender neutral pronoun set. Any word can be turned into a pronoun set, so there are theoretically infinite sets of nounself pronouns. These sets can be themed around concepts that have nothing to do with gender, such as nature, technology, or abstract concepts. Unlike other neopronouns, these sets are usually intended to be used by only a small number of people who feel that these pronouns express something distinctive about themselves. In these ways they are similar to xenogenders and pocket genders, however, not all people who use nounself pronouns are xenic or use pocket genders. Anyone can use nounself pronouns regardless of their gender.

People who use nounself pronouns are sometimes called enespronominal, based on the English pronunciation "enes" of "ns", an initialism of nounself.

History[edit | edit source]

Starting in early 2014, or late 2013, a community of non-binary people on Tumblr came up with the idea of "nounself pronouns" (some call these "otherkin pronouns," but not all using them are otherkin). Some of the earliest sets of nounself pronouns are the fairy themed set fae/fae/faer/faers/faeself, and the bunny themed set bun/bun/buns/buns/bunself. During 2014 and beyond, many sets of such pronouns were created, and many were adopted as the pronouns of particular non-binary people.

As of today the fae set is by far the most popular nounself pronoun set, with the bun set coming in a close second.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The green and orange nounself pronoun flag was designed on April 25, 2020‎, by Geekycorn on the DeviantArt.

The grey and brown flag was designed by Tumblr user Uncommongenders on June 5, 2018.[1]

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