The Nocismasexual Flag

The New Nocismasexual Flag


Previous Nocismasexual Flag

Nocismasexual is the attraction to all genders, but A) one's attraction to men fades once it is known someone is a cisgender man or B) one does not feel attraction to men until it is known that the man in question is not cisgender. This term is typically used by transgender, non-binary, Agender, or otherwise non-cis people. The term could theoretically be used by cis people however there is typically no reason for a cis person to do so as nocismasexuality stems from a discomfort/unwillingness to have a relationship with a cis man due to trauma, oppression, or other personal reasons.

Flag Edit

The flag was recently changed (by Asphyn Falwell) due to the previous flag not fitting well with the sexuality.

The light blue triangle represents cis men. The dark blueish-grey outline (around the triangle) represents the separation and disconnection between cis men to any other gender or sex identity. Finally, the greys represent the gender/sex spectrum.

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