The nial flag.

Nial (previously known as Niel) is one of the base metals from the alloy alignment system based on nickel. It represents a gender that is, at least partially, exclusive to a particular nationality, heritage, or culture. These genders, known as indigenders, are not accessible to anyone except members of that culture. Examples include bariwarmi, femminiello, sekhet, two spirit, muxe, etc. How one expresses or experiences their gender is defined by them. A zin person can have any alignment or presentation.

History Edit

Nial was originally coin on December 1, 2018 by Hail, the original owner of the Tumblr blog lgbt-alchemy[1]. At the time it is was called known as niel and the plural form was kinel. On December 19, 2019 the alloy alignment system was reworked by Tired, the new owner of the blog[2]. In this rework the name of the term was change to nial. Presumably the plural form for the new term would be kinal.

The flag is based on the color of nickel and nickel alloys. The symbol is based on the 'other gender' symbol.

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