Myrsexual flag.

An alternate myrsexual flag.

An alternate myrsexual flag.

Simplified myrsexual flag by FANDOM user rhythmsancat

Myrsexual is a sexuality on the asexual spectrum in which one experiences multiple ace-spec identities. These identities could rapidly fluctuate or they could be experienced at the same time. An example would be someone who is demisexual and greyasexual at the same time. This can often create confusion when finding one's place on the asexual spectrum.

The romantic equivalent to this is myrromantic.

History & Etymology

Myrsexual was coined on September 9, 2015 by deactivated Tumblr user pride-flags-for-us. The flag was created at the same time.[1] The myrsexual flag uses the same colors as the asexual flag. Varying shades of purple are for the assorted types of orientations on the ace spectrum. White is for the ace people who may experience attraction at certain times or under certain circumstances. Grey is for grey-asexuals and other identities similar to this. Black is for the lack of attraction.

An alternate myrsexual flag was designed by FANDOM user Unfunny person420 on April 8, 2021. The colors were rearranged to create a more symmetrical appearance.

Another alternate myrsexual flag was created by Wikia FANDOM users Fruitindividual and PhysicsAndPuns on May 18th, 2021. The flag uses a base colour that is a mix of all the colours of the asexual flag to symbolize the feeling of combined experience. The center charge represents the feeling of simultaneous experience as well by the arrow having 3 bases to show different orientations and the singular head symbolizing the collective experience.


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