Multipronoun or Multipronominal is the act of going by and identifying with multiple sets of pronouns. There are multiple ways in which one can go by multiple pronoun sets. The most common example of multipronouns is someone who uses she/they or someone who uses he/they, though multipronoun users can go by any combination of pronouns, including neopronouns, and can also have more than two sets of pronouns. People who have two sets of pronouns may have identify as bipronominal, those with three may identify as tripronominal. Those who identify with all pronouns may be panpronominal.

Multipronoun experiences may include:

  1. Using two sets of pronouns at the same time. One might alternate between pronouns every other sentence or in the middle of a sentence. (When he does not get a haircut, her hair grows long.)
  2. Using different sets of pronouns at different times. This is common for genderfluid people, they may feel like one gender one day, and a different gender the next, and they may change their pronouns to reflect that.
  3. Letting other people decide which pronouns to use. One may simply let other people choose which of one's pronoun sets they want to use.
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