Minsexual is the exclusive attraction to those who are masculine in nature (MIN), in their gender and/or their gender presentation. This means minsexual people are attracted to men, masculine aligned and/or presenting non-binary people, and potentially masculine women. Minsexual is not synonymous with the attraction to men, as it is the attraction to masculinity.

A minsexual person might be attracted to a woman or a non-binary person who presents masculinely. A minsexual person may or may not be attracted to men who present femininely or androgynous. The exact limits of what is "masculine in nature" can be decided by the user. The term was made with non-binary people in mind but binary people can use it.

The feminine equivalent is finsexual. The non-binary equivalent is ninsexual.

History and Flag

The term and flag were created by by Tumblr users pastelmemer and mutezeppeli and published on Tumblr account pride-flags-for-us on or before August 23, 2015.[1][2]


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