The maverique flag.

The maverique symbol.

An alternate maverique symbol. Unicode: U+2604 ☄

Maverique is a non-binary gender that is defined as being completely independent from male, female, masculine, feminine, neutral, or anything in between or derived from any of them. It is also not a lack of gender. It is characterized by autonomy and inner conviction regarding a sense of gender which is unorthodox, unconventional and entirely independent of conventional concepts of gender. Despite this maveriques have a distinct and firm sense of gender.

Maveriques can be multigender, with their other genders being related to maleness, femaleness, or neutrality.

Maverique is similar to aporagender, with the difference being that aporagender can be used as an umbrella term that can potentially encompass many genders, whereas maverique is a single, specific gender. Additionally, aporagender may be connected to neutrality.

One can also identify as demimaverique, which is being partially maverique.


The term maverique was coined by Vesper H. on their Tumblr blog Queer as Cat after being dissatisfied with the term neutrois by May 31, 2014.[1][2]

Flag and Symbols

The flag was also designed by Vesper and released 15 days later, on June 15.[3][4] The colors mean the following: Yellow, meaning primary gender, as yellow is a primary color, meaning entirely independent from the other primary colors, like how maverique is completely separate from masculinity and femininity. Yellow is also often associated with non-binary gender. White represents autonomy and independence, both from the gender binary and from the spectrum of colors. White is the blank gender slate upon which maverique is based. Orange represents a burning inner conviction, and the unorthodox and individualistic nature of mavericks.

The first proposed symbol for maverique was the astrological symbol for the sun (☉), but that had been criticized since the sun is associated with binary genders in many cultures. The comet symbol (☄) was also suggested as a maverique symbol, and is still occasionally used, though it is also used as a general non-binary symbol.

The maverique symbol was designed by Tumblr user Sneer in February 2017.[5] The outer circle represents the gender binary and the inner, filled in circle represents maveriques not being any part of it. The sun symbol is also somewhat incorporated into the symbol.


The word maverique is a combination of the word maverick and the French suffix -ique, meaning "similar too". Meaning that the gender is only 'maverick-like', in that it is unorthodox, even in regards to many non-binary genders, due to being unrelated to the gender binary, but is still not completely 'maverick-like' in that the gender is not a conscious choice of the maverique person, nor is it a political stance against the gender binary.