The marfluid flag.

Marfluid, also known as Mascfluid, is a form of genderfluidity where one experiences only or mostly masculine genders. A marfluid person may be fluid between gender such as binary male, demiboy, proxvir, solarian, and any other genders that are masculine. A marfluid person never, or very rarely experiences feminine, androgyne, unaligned genders, or any other genders that are not mostly masculine.

The feminine equivalent is venufluid. The non-binary equivalent is eafluid.

History Edit

Marfluid was coined of time before August 26, 2014 by the now deactivated Tumblr blog a-tiny-peach[1].

The flag was designed by kiloueka on pride-color-schemes on July 29, 2016[2]. The blue stripes represent fluctuating masculinity. The three red stripes represent the surface of Mars, making the flag look like a landscape of Mars.

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