This identity is not part of the LGBT+ community. This wiki in no way supports this identity and does not accept this identity into the community. This article is strictly educational. Education on these terms is important so people can stay safe online and know what to avoid.

The most widely used BaB flag

A variant of the typical BaB flag without the battleaxe

Another BaB flag

Another BaB flag

The BanBi flag

An M-Spec Exclusionist, also known as a Battleaxe Bisexual (BaB) or Band-Aid Bisexual (BanBi), is an exclusionist who believes that pansexuality, omnisexuality, polysexuality and other m-spec labels other than bisexual contribute to biphobia and transphobia. They also believe that m-spec labels are the same as bisexual. These are typically considered Blueberry Bisexuals (BBs), bisexuals who support pansexuality and m-spec labels, and aren't exclusionists, but do support education on pansexualities past flaws and other m-spec flaws, mostly by attempting to help change those flaws instead of eradicating the sexualities entirely. Many new BaBs, however, consider BBs to have internalized biphobia or to be uneducated. BaBs will also preach how they don't support those who do doxx and harass; however, this is seen to be false in their small communities.

History and Explanation

The term Battleaxe Bisexual was coined by an unknown person, and they themselves were pro-pansexual, however, the term was flipped on its head and is now seen as an exclusionist term. They also claim that pansexuals stole the definition of bisexual, when even BaBs of anti-pan nature do admit they stole the term Battleaxe Bisexual.

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