Linproche Flag by Welphereiam

Linproche refers to a gender expression that is androgynous, despite having a gender that is not. A linproche can have any alignment, they are not necessarily androgyne-aligned/eclipsian. For example, an androgynous man or woman may identify as linproche. A masculine, feminine or neutral aligned non-binary person who presents androgynously may also identify as linproche. It is an identity where one's gender non-conformity is an integral part of one's queer experience.

Linproche is also occasionally used as a synonym for proxangi.[1]

The masculine equivalent is homproche, the feminine equivalent femproche, and neutral equivalent neuproche.


The word linproche is inspired by the terms "homproche" and "femproche". Lin comes from "lingender", meaning all androgynous genders, while proche is a French word that means "near". Together, these terms come together to mean "near or approaching androgyny".


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