Larimarian refers to someone who is wlw and mlw, meaning someone who is a woman and a man who is attracted to women. Being "a women and a man" includes A) People who are genderfluid, and therefore are sometimes women and sometimes men. B) Bigender or multigender people who are men or man aligned and women/woman aligned at the same time. C) Androgyne aligned non-binary person who feels connected to femininity and masculinity at the same time. A larimarian person is attracted to women and/or prioritizes their attraction to women over other attractions they may have. Larimarian is an umbrella term, like sapphic and achillean, though it can also be used as an identity by itself.

The man-loving counterpart is diamondian and the non-binary-loving counterpart is topazian.


The larimarian flag was designed by user on the Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on June 28, 2018[1]. The stripes on the romeric (mlw) flag and the flower in the center comes from the sapphic (wlw) flag.


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