The LGBTA+ Wiki is intended to be a resource to learn about sexualities and genders, particularly those that don't have much information about them online. Before making major edits to a page it's recommended that you read this page to ensure your edits meets the suggested requirements.


  1. Articles must follow the community guidelines.
  2. Absolutely no "joke edits" or "satire edits". These will be treated with the same severity as if it were serious, regardless of your intentions.


  1. You do NOT need to ask to edit a page.
  2. You do NOT need to personally identify as something to edit the page (As long as you are able to accurately understand the concept.)
  3. You do NOT need to have created the page to edit it.
  4. Wiki pages are open to anyone to edit. Do not get mad at someone for editing a page you made. If you do not want other people to be able to edit things you created you should post it somewhere else.
  5. When adding a significant amount of new content read the style guide.

Dos and Don'ts


  • DO fix any spelling or grammar mistakes that you see.
  • DO fix any spelling, language use, presentation, or formatting so it is compliant with the style guide.
  • DO rollback any vandalism you find.
  • DO add flags or alternate flags if you find one or make one.
  • DO add captions to images that don't have a caption.
  • DO add additional information if it is not present.


  • Do NOT remove major amounts of information or content. You can always add new information, but do not remove/omit relevant information that was present, especially if it is someone else's writing. Only remove things that go against the the style guide. Even if information is outdated it is still relevant and should be put in the history section. If you feel like an article in its current form is inaccurate contact a moderator before making major changes.
  • Do not edit pages in a way that fundamentally changes the definition of the term (unless you are the coiner, or are doing so with permission from the coiner). This includes adding additional aspects to the term that wasn't intended in the coining, removing information regarding the term's definition, or just completely changing the definition. If this is a repeated problem for a user they can be banned.
  • Do NOT remove existing flags from a page unless you are the creator of the flag or are acting on the behalf of the creator of the flag. Do not change which flag is at the top of the page unless the community has widely accepted it as the new flag.
  • Do NOT rename pages or change the primary name used in a page, unless A) you are the creator of the term B) the community has widely agreed on the new name or C) the name is incorrect, spelled wrong, or you are making it compliant with the style guide. You may add alternate names, but do not change the main name used in the article because you think people should use another name.
  • Do NOT add random "comments" on a page. There is a comment section for a reason. (eg: do not add "wow, i can edit this", or "this is valid", etc.)
  • Do NOT try to fix vandalism if you don't know how to rollback a page. (If you don't you're probably just going to make it more work to actually fix.)

Language Use Reminders

  • American English spelling should be used unless it's in a direct quote.
  • The months in all dates should be spelled out. Do not use abbreviations.
  • The word non-binary should be spelled with a dash. (The exception is when the word is part of a larger word such as deminonbinary.)
  • Do not say "NB" or "enby". Say "non-binary".
  • Do not say "enbys" or "non-binarys". Say "non-binary people".
  • Do not say "transmen"/"transwomen" or "trans-men"/"trans-women". Say "trans men"/"trans women".