The LGBTA+ wikia is intended to be a resource to learn about sexualities and genders, particularly those that don't have much information about them online. Before making major edits to a page it's recommended that you read this page to ensure your edits meets the suggested requirements.

When adding information you should assume that the person reading your page has little to no knowledge of this term, the LGBT+ community, and internal LGBT+ politics. Explain your topic from the ground up, do not use overly complex and specific terminology unless it's necessary, and you've already provided the groundwork for the reader to understand these terms.

Present your article objectively. Unless it is about a hate group, or a problematic identity (such a sapiosexual or metrosexual) you should not try to tell the reader why they should or should not use the term. You should not say that a term is bad or should not be used (unless it is one of the aforementioned "problematic identities"). You should objectively describe what the term in, and if necessary describe who identifies with the term and why. Do not bring up "discourse" or similar things in the article unless that discourse is important to the formation of term as we know it (such as the case with allosexual) in which case put it in the 'history' section.


  1. You do not need to ask to edit a page.
  2. You do not need to personally identify as something to edit the page (As long as you are able to accurately understand the concept.)
  3. When adding a significant amount of new content read the new page guidelines.

Dos and Don'ts



  • Do NOT remove significant portions of content. You can always add new information but do not remove information, especially if it is someone else's writing. If you feel like an article in its current form is inaccurate contact a moderator before making any changes.
  • Do NOT try to fix vandalism if you don't know how to rollback a page. (If you don't you're probably just going to make it more work to actually fix.)
  • Do NOT add random "comments" on a page. There is a comment section for a reason.

Language Use

  • American English spelling should be used unless it's in a direct quote.
  • The months in all dates should be spelled out. Do not use abbreviations.
  • The word non-binary should be spelled with a dash. (The exception is when the word is part of a larger word such as deminonbinary.)
  • Do not say "NB" or "enby". Say "non-binary".
  • Do not say "enbys" or "non-binarys". Say "non-binary people".
  • Do not say "transmen"/"transwomen" or "trans-men"/"trans-women". Say "trans men"/"trans women".
  • Do not use "he or she" or "s/he" or anything similar.
  • Words in other languages should be italicized.
  • All website names should be capitalized.
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