Many of these things should not have to be said but to make it absolutely clear here is a list of things that will not be tolerated here in any capacity: Any of the following will result in an indefinate ban, with no opportunity to be unbanned. You will not get a warning. You will not get a second chance. It doesn't matter if you did it "jokingly" or not.

  • Anything that is rasict, sexist, islamophobic, antisemetic, xenophobic, or ableist.
  • Anything that is homophobic, biphobic, aphobic, transphobic, enbyphobic, intersexist, anti-polyamory, or queerphobic. Spreading TERF, truscum, or exclusionist ideology, or implying that these are legitimate ideologies, are by definition included in this.
  • Anything that implies that pedophiles, zoophiles, or necrophiles are part of the LGBT+ community.
  • Absolutely no "joke pages". It doesn't matter what your intentions were, it will be treated with the same severity as if it were serious and can result in an indefinite ban.

Page Guidelines

If you create or edit an article with any of the following it will be deleted or rolled back and you will likely be banned anywhere from 1 month to indefinitely, depending on how severe the content is and if this is a repeated offence.

  • Anything that mocks or disrespects a given gender, especially xenogenders and neurogenders.
  • Anything that mocks or disrespects a given sexuality.
  • Anything saying that a given identity "isn't real".
  • Anything that implies people are just "making up new identities".
  • Anything at implies some identity is "a mockery of the community" or "the reason why people hate us".
  • Anything that implies non-binary people cannot or should not use the terms lesbian or gay, or that non-binary people must use specific terms.
  • Anything that implies that pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, or any other m-spec identity is "biphobic".
  • Anything that implies that pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, or any other m-spec identity is "just bisexual" or "a sub-category of bisexual".
  • Anything that implies that you need a certain, specific sexuality to be attracted to trans people or otherwise implies that trans men and women are a separate category outside of men and women.
  • Related to the above point: any "sexuality" that involves attraction only to certain genitals or only to a certain AGAB.
  • Anything that disrespects gender non-conforming people or says that gender presentation must align to gender.
  • Anything that disrespects pronoun non-conforming people, or implies that certain pronouns can only be used by a certain gender.
  • Anything that mocks or disrespects neopronouns, including it/its pronouns, nounself pronouns, and emojiself pronouns.
  • Anything that implies that the word queer cannot or should not be used.
  • Anything that mocks or disrespects questioning people, or implies that people who thought they were one thing but then realized they weren't are "faking their identity".

Comment Guidelines

  • Commenting anything from the above section will be deleted and you may be banned, anywhere from a week to indefinitely depending on how severe your comment is and how many comments you left.
  • Based on popular vote, "minorly negative comments" will be deleted. This includes comments like: "What" and "Bruh..." and "I...".
  • Do not spam in the comments. Spamming is in this context defined as either repeating the same statement exactly or repeating the same statement or sentiment with only minor variations. It doesn't matter what you are saying. This includes spamming across multiple pages. (This rule will not be retroactively applied, but will be enforced starting November 12, 2020.)
  • Do not ask people to follow you to message you on another social media in the comments of an article.
  • Do not "advertise" your article in the comments of an unrelated article. Similarly do not "recommend" someone else an identity you made when it is not relevant to what they are saying.

General Interaction Guidelines

  • Any discussion or information on this wiki should be in English only. Pages and discussions cannot be easily or accurately monitored otherwise. Non-English comments and pages will be deleted.
  • Anything that directly insults or threatens another user can result in an ban anywhere from three months to indefinitely, depending on the severity. This includes but is not limited to intentional misgendering, unwanted sexual or romantic advances, or continuing to do something that makes another user uncomfortable when you have been told to stop.

Guidelines will be continuously added to.

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