The kotogender flag by the Epsilon System.

Kotogender is an experience is a gender that falls under the umbrella of demihuman, where an individual experiences a disconnect with humanity due to neurodivergence. As such, this term is exclusive to neurodivergent individuals. The non-exclusive version of kotogender is is demihuman and the more specific terms that fall under it, such as ahuman, librahuman, and parahuman.

Itamigender occurs when one loses touch with their humanity due to trauma, and as such, itamigender could be considered a subset of kotogender.

Being kotogender may or may not affect ones other gender identities. For example, kotogender is exclusive to neurodivergent individuals, so those identifying as kotogender may also identify with other neurogenders, while neurotypical individuals couldn't identify with any neurogenders due to their exclusive nature.

Related Terms

Demihuman, the non-exclusive version of kotogender, encapsulates the additional labels of:

  • Ahuman, which refers to a complete loss of ones humanity
  • Librahuman, which can refer to someone that feels approximately 1-50% human
  • Parahuman, which can refer to someone that feels approximately 50-99% human

The term itamigender also exists as an exclusive variation of demihuman to those who have lost their sense of humanity due to trauma. Similarly,

  • Libra-itami (gender) refers to someone that feels approximately 1-50% human due to trauma, AND
  • Para-itami (gender) refers to someone that feels approximately 50-99% human due to trauma


The term "kotogender" was coined by FANDOM user Asayae on July 9, 2021.


The kotogender flag was coined by the Epsilon system on July 11, 2021. The meaning is as follows:

  • The varying shades of red stripes represent the varying levels of suffering brought on by neurodivergence
  • The white stripe in the middle of the flag represents neurodivergent individuals who don't suffer from their disorder
  • The varying shades of blue stripes represents the varying intensities in which those with this gender identify as human


The "koto" in "kotogender" is derived from the Japanese word "異なる" (kotonaru), meaning "different", to represent neurodivergence.