The Joygender flag

Alternate Joygender flag

Alternate flag without stars

Joygender, also known as Hapigender, is a xenogender in the emotion system in which one feels a strong connection to joy, happiness, or other pleasant emotions. One could feel that their gender fluctuates while experiencing these emotions, their gender is only felt while experiencing these emotions, or they feel as joy and happiness are an important part of their gender.

Joygender can be used exclusively to describe one’s gender, or to describe how one feels their gender. It can also used in combination with other terms to explain one’s gender. For example, a person could identify as a demigirl, but when feeling joy, they could identify as agender.


The term Joygender has been coined by multiple users. The first time joygender was coined was by Tumblr user pride-is-lovely on or before November 5, 2018.[1] The second time joygender was coined was on June 19, 2021 by Wikia FANDOM user RavenFire803.[2]


The first flag was made by Wikia FANDOM user RavenFire803 on June 19, 2021. The pink represents happiness, the yellow represents excitement, the white represents purity, and the orange represents positivity.[3]

The second flag was designed by Tumblr user pride-is-lovely on the day of coining.[1] The flag's color meanings are currently unknown.