The Isogender flag

An alternate Isogender flag

The Absgender flag has five stripes, They are olive green, burnt orange, light greige, light red, and indigo.

The Absgender Flag

Isogender, also known as Absgender, is a gender modality that refers to when one is not cisgender, but also does not identify as transgender either.[1] Examples of people who may identify as isogender include:

  • A bigender, or otherwise multigender person doesn't feel trans because a significant portion of their gender is the same as their assigned gender.
  • A non-binary person who does not feel trans because their gender or gender presentation is similar to their assigned gender as birth. For example, a feminine aligned non-binary person who is AFAB.
  • A genderless person who does not feel like trans describes them due to their lack of gender.


Isogender was coined by an anonymous ask to the Tumblr user Bigendering on June 9, 2017.[2] The term "iso" comes from the word isomer, as cis and trans are isomer types.

From Latin, “Abs-”, a prefix meaning “away (from)”, in this case referring to being conceptually ‘away’ from explicit cisgenderness/cisness and transgenderness/transness. + “-gender”, an English neologistic suffix indicating genderedness/genderness. Coined by Gent (Gender-Resource) in 2020 after Arco-Pluris requested an alternative term for Isogender and Metagender.

“Abs-” can be used as a prefix in the same way that “Cis-” or “Trans-” can be used as prefixes to discuss one's gender in relation to their assignment.


The Isogender flag was submitted on beyond-mogai-pride-flags at May 20, 2018.[3]

An alternate flag was created and submitted to ask-pride-color-schemes on October 22, 2019[4] with the color meanings as follows : Blue, purple, and pink represent masc, fem, and those who may be a mix of both. The greyscale gradient represents attachment or intensity of gender, from white (entirely agender) to dark grey (strong attachment).


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