The ipsogender flag.

Ipsogender is a gender modality for “cis intersex” people. It refers to intersex people who do identify with the gender assigned to them at birth- either because they were coercively assigned a gender, or because it was not known they were intersex until later in life, making them "cis". However, they recognize that cis-ness does not apply to intersex people in the same ways it applies to perisex people, and so a cis intersex person may identify with ipsogender to underline the fact that they are not empowered by or protected under cissexism.


Ipsogender was coined on June 30, 2015 by Dr. Cary Costello[1], an intersex trans male sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He specializes in identity, sexuality, privilege, and marginalization, and advocates for transgender and intersex rights.


The ipsogender flag was designed by 1nklash on DeviantArt on July 9, 2016.[2] The flag uses the inverted colors of the intersex flag and uses the symbol for the Earth, which is sometimes used to represent intersex individuals.


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