The imprisexual flag.

Imprisexual flag without the symbol.

Imprisexual flag that is otherkin inclusive

Imprisexual flag that is therian inclusive

Imprisexual is a term for those who have such specific sexual preferences, it may feel as though it matters more than one's orientation itself. This goes for any form of preference, whether genital, aesthetic, or even personality preference. The individual may feel those preferences strongly affect their attraction more strongly than their orientation. Someone who is imprisexual can be any orientation, such as impri-gay or impri-straight. Dating someone who does not fit said preferences causes a lower range in attraction, and thus affects how their orientation feels.

This is meant to not be exclusively LGBTQ+, as those who are queern't may also use this label to describe themselves. An example of this would be for those who are cisgender and straight and have a preference for cisgender people, as they feel as though they can't relate to transgender people's experiences due to not having a transgender experience themselves. This is not due to transphobia, but rather because they wish to relate to one's gender experience, and find one's gender experience to be very important to their sexual or romantic life. This also does not mean they wouldn't date a transgender individual - it just means they prefer to date cisgender people, as they relate to their preference or can have a basis of understanding for their gender experiences for being cisgender.

This could also be used for other forms of attraction, such as impriromantic, impriplatonic, imprialterous, etc.

Misunderstanding of Imprisexuality

Many people seem to misunderstand the use of this term, believing it promotes harmful ideologies. While imprisexuality does include genital preferences or preferences of one's gender experiences, it does not promote the idea that someone without these genitals or gender experiences are less than.

Another common misconception is that imprisexual is made to be a "watered down" super straight. This is also not true, as, unlike super straight, this term isn't based on genitals or gender, but rather any preference, including one's aesthetic, voice, personality traits, and so on. This term was not made to mirror SS, but rather to go against it, while providing a neutral term for any preferences.

While Imprisexuality revolves around preference and not orientation, those who have said preferences should not contribute to transphobic, homophobic, racist, ableist, sexist or otherwise harmful or phobic intent- or otherwise take measures to ensure that no harm is caused. While this is a descriptor of experiential identity, however, it is not something to contribute harm to certain groups or any form of discrimination.

The practice of phobic and problematic intent is likely to occur at many levels of affection, but imprisexuality is not created to cause harm or hurt. In simpler words, this identity is not made to be an excuse for harassment, invalidation, or discrimination, but rather is to ethically describe how one's preferences affect their sexuality. Those who are impri who commit a form of discrimination is the fault of the individual and not imprisexuality.


Imprisexual was coined by Clear.Skyes on March 8, 2021 to combat super straight as a way to have a transgender friendly term for those who want a term to specify preference. The coiner would go on to state it as:

Why impri and not SS?

Problem with SS is that it implies its better if you aren't attracted to trans people, above that SS pluck out trans-people, and further cause a bigger divide in trans people and dating, it also specifies "natural born" which clearly is very dehumanizing to transgender people because it implies trans people aren't "natural." I have seen this thread from a support forum regarding SS and: it just shows the sheer harm it causes, many who are SS don't see the lives this is risking by continuing the mob and further damaging others. Its not showing respect, its just dehumanization disguised as a sexuality. If you guys want to show your preference, then do impri, its a flexible term to specify any preference and how it can affect overall the playing field in dating.


The flag was coined by Clear.Skyes on the day after the term was coined (March 9, 2021). The handprint was made to represent how much of an imprint one's preference can make on orientation. The brown shades represent preference and how it can range from affect and the yellow shades are for orientations that both meld together and affect how one's attraction can be for someone in the dating field. The otherkin and therian inclusive flags were coined by Transgender Cat on March 12, 2021, as otherkin and therian individuals may have a preference, wanting to date other otherkin and therian individuals.


The word "impri" comes from the Latin word "imprimis" which is translated to English to mean "particularly" to represent the specifics in preference one may have. Such as a lesbian being interested in butch women more, they are attracted to women, particularly butch.


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