Not to be confused with Ideromantic.

The idemromantic flag.

Idemromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum, it is a subcategory of quoiromantic and is closely related to platoniromantic. It is described as being able to categorize relationships and feelings as platonic or romantic based on outside factors, but experiencing no notable internal differences between platonic and romantic feelings. An idemromantic person may categorize certain relationships as romantic instead of platonic based on age, emotional closeness, presence of sexual attraction, or other factors. But their feelings toward their romantic interests would not be distinguishable from platonic feelings and may be similar to how they feel for a best friend.

Idemromantic can be an orientation on its own or be combined with other romantic orientations. For example, one could idemromantic and homoromantic, meaning that when one does experience romantic attraction it's only towards people of the same gender.

Idemromantic is known as a micro-label, meaning that by saying that one is idemromantic it is implied that one is also aromantic, or quoiromantic. In this case aromantic is the primary romantic identity and idemromantic acts as a modifier, making a specific subcategory of aromantic and quoiromantic.

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