The iamvanosexual flag.

Iamvanosexual or lamvanosexual is an orientation on the asexual spectrum defined as someone who enjoys having sexual acts performed on them but does not want to perform sexual acts on others. Iamvanosexual people may be sex neutral or sex repulsed when is comes to performing sexual acts.

Iamvanosexuality is not the same thing as simply being selfish, submissive, or having a sexual preference. Someone who is iamvanosexual may being repulsed at the thought of performing sexual acts. This may cause them to lose any sexual desire or attraction. This discomfort may be caused by dysphoria or similar discomfort with one's body, but it does not necessarily have to.

The opposite of iamvanosexual is placiosexual. Because of san-serif fonts many people have incorrectly assumed that it is spelled Lamvano- (with an L), when it is in fact an uppercase i. Current, Lamvano- and iamvano- are often used interchangeably.

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